Four Great Reasons To Hire Professional Movers

Whenever you decide to move to a new house, whether that's across town or across the country, there's a lot to consider: packing and unpacking, transportation, decorations, etc. What you should not be concerned about are the little details that can easily be handled by someone else, such as how many boxes of dishes you can safely stack in the back of a 20 foot moving truck. That's stress you don't need, and it's stress that residential movers can help you with.

Here are a few reasons why you should let professional furniture movers help you with your next move.


One of the biggest reasons people avoid hiring residential movers is the perceived cost, when in fact, it may actually be less expensive overall to hire professionals than to do it yourself. When you consider the cost of boxes, truck rentals, storage units, time away from work to coordinate and execute the move, and a few other issues, you're dealing with quite a few seen and unseen costs — not to mention the cost incurred if something gets broken in the move, which is almost inevitable.


The only thing worse than taking a few days to move is having to take a few weeks to move. Load times are pushed back due to having more stuff than you remembered, needing to rent an extra truck, not having enough moving supplies, friends being unable to help at certain times, etc. All of these and more can prolong your move indefinitely. Professional residential movers don't have that problem. They show up on the right day, with the right amount of supplies and people, and help you get your job done as quickly as humanly possible.


Have you ever tried to fit an entire kitchen into a few boxes? It's really hard, and not because you're trying to make everything fit, but because you're trying to decide how to make it fit. Plates need to be stacked a certain way so that they don't break, for example, and furniture movers know how to do that since they've done it a thousand times. They carry that experience to every job site.


Few things in life are more (physically) difficult than trying to navigate a refrigerator up three flights of stairs to a new apartment. It can fall and hurt you or someone nearby and destroy the unit in the process. Residential movers take all the necessary safety precautions to move your items securely and safely so that you can focus just on the move itself. That peace of mind is invaluable during what is an otherwise stressful time in your life.