5 Ways Commercial Storage Can Save You Money

Commercial storage space can be a real money saver for your business. There are several situations where the low cost of a storage unit can lead to big savings for your company.

1. Save Space

Your business space, whether you lease or own, is likely one of the highest-cost line items in your overhead. Moving to a larger building as your business and inventory storage needs grow can put a major dent in your bottom line. One way to increase space without paying for an expensive move and high lease is to take advantage of a commercial storage unit to store extra inventory, equipment, or similar items that you don't necessarily need at your main site.

2. Minimize Loss

Commercial storage units are typically quite secure. Entrance onto the property is controlled, and there is some sort of onsite security, surveillance, or both. Further, you can opt for climate-controlled units that will protect your inventory from the elements as well as from human thieves. If you have concerns about security or similar issues at your main business site, then a commercial storage unit is a low-cost way to protect your business assets. 

3. Seasonally Scalable

Sometimes you need extra space for just a short time, such as ahead of seasonal sales or due to a large but short-term contract. Many commercial storage services offer short-term leasing options so you can rent the space for just the short time you need it, instead of paying year around for storage you only need periodically. Downsizing to a smaller storage unit during slow times is also an option you can often exercise with your storage unit provider. 

4. Transport Reduction

Transport can be expensive, especially if you often need to move equipment or stock to a location far from your main headquarters. It can be more cost-effective to rent a commercial storage unit in the area rather than opening a second location, especially if the need may not be permanent. There are storage options that even allow for the storage of heavier equipment and vehicles. 

5. Emergency Options

When an emergency strikes, having the option to move at least part of your operations to a nearby storage facility may allow you to avoid temporary closures. For example, flooding can be disastrous, whether it's due to mother nature or the plumbing. A storage unit gives you a place to safely store stock and important equipment, and you may even be able to operate your business out of the unit for a short time.

Contact a commercial storage service to learn more about the options available for your business.