3 Reasons To Have Your Piano Moved By Professionals

A grand piano is one of the largest items that is transported in the course of any move. In many cases, it is also one of the most expensive. As such, it poses a uniquely difficult problem for people who are preparing to move from one residence to another. Yet many homeowners still insist on moving it themselves, believing that they will save time and money as a result. In fact, however, there are a number of reasons why you should avoid doing so at all costs. Read on to discover just a few of the biggest benefits of having your piano moved by professional movers.

No Need To Take It Apart

Unlike other large, heavy household objects, pianos cannot be moved effectively just by applying more manpower. It is impossible to fit most pianos through door frames, which means that taking them apart is the only way to successfully move them from one place to another. Professional movers have the knowledge and experience necessary to take apart pianos (and put them back together again) in a way that does not damage the instrument. Even the best piano players may not be qualified or confident in their ability to dismantle a piano; instead, it's best to leave this delicate operation to the professional movers.

No Risk of Unrecoverable Damages

It is an unfortunate fact that many people who attempt to move their pianos end up unintentionally damaging the instrument. This can be due to one of many factors. Some fail to protect the piano sufficiently during the move, while others may overestimate their strength and drop part of it while loading it onto a moving truck. Not only does hiring professional movers help to mitigate this very real risk, but it also means that in a worst-case scenario, any damages will be covered by the mover company's insurance policy.

No Risk of Serious Injury

Many people try to move their own pianos because they are concerned primarily about the safety of the instrument. In doing so, however, they may ironically forget to think about protecting themselves. While it may not seem particularly dangerous, many people do suffer serious injuries each year trying to move their piano. Common injuries include back strains, broken bones, and more. When you take advantage of a professional moving service, you take yourself out of harm's way and avoid what could be a painful injury, plus several weeks of slow recovery.

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