3 Things To Consider When Hiring Piano Movers

Pianos offer hours of fun and entertainment, but even a small piano can be a hassle to move. Whether your piano is going to another room or another state, hiring piano movers may be necessary. Improperly moving a piano can mean lasting damage or make it impossible to play. Since pianos are large and bulky, it's often best to leave moving them to the professionals. However, there are many specialized piano moving services out there that can help. Here are three things to keep in mind if you plan to hire piano movers.

It's Not The Same As Moving Heavy Furniture

The first thing to consider when hiring piano movers is that it's not the same as moving a piece of heavy furniture. Unlike many pieces of furniture, pianos have delicate moving parts that can end up with significant damage during a move. When hiring piano movers, ask them how they plan to safely get your piano to its new location. Companies that offer specialized piano moving services have special equipment and professionals who know what they are doing. 

The More Information, The Better

When it comes to piano moving, the more information you get from your movers, the better. Don't be afraid to ask them whether they have insurance, what their methods are, and who will be moving your piano. The more details you discuss with potential piano movers, the easier it is to determine whether they are the best fit. On the flip side, you need to provide your piano movers with as much information on your move as possible. If there are any challenges, like a steep driveway or stairs, you need to be honest and communicative about them.

What It Will Cost

Another thing to consider is that piano moving can get expensive. The size and style of the piano, the moving distance, and whether the move poses any significant challenges are all going to impact your bottom line. Typically a local move is cheaper than a long-distance move, and moving an upright piano will cost less than moving a grand piano. Local piano moving costs between $200 and $600, on average. Long-distance piano moving will usually set you back between $500 and $2,000.

If you need to hire piano movers, here are three things to consider. First, moving a piano is different than moving furniture, and you need movers who know what they are doing. Second, the more information you exchange with your movers, the better. Finally, consider the cost of hiring piano movers before committing.