Top 3 Tips For A Smoother Moving Experience

Have you been thinking about moving to a new home? Are you hesitant to do so because you don't want to deal with the hassle? Moving can be a frustrating time for many people. Things get lost or broken, you never feel like you have enough time, and so on. Fortunately, planning ahead can make your move go more smoothly, almost effortlessly. Here are some things that you can do to help make your move as easy as possible:

Buy extra supplies: If you think you'll only need 20 small boxes and 5 large ones, get 25 small boxes and 6 or 7 large ones. While you may save a few dollars initially, having to run to the store for more boxes will waste more time and energy than you saved by not buying those boxes in the first place. The same thing goes for packing tape; you're almost certain to lose at least one roll during the moving process. By getting 2 or 3 extra rolls, you'll reduce your likelihood of having to stop what you're doing to get more tape. Many places that sell boxes and other moving supplies will allow you to return the unused supplies as long as they are in good condition and you still have the receipt, so you can get your money back if it turns out you don't actually need them.

Hire movers: When you're only moving a short distance, it can seem silly to pay local moving services to handle the actual move. But the employees of local moving services are going to be better equipped to deal with various moving situations than you are. Doing things like moving a washing machine or a large piece of furniture can be difficult and can either result in damage to the item or in injury to yourself or the people who are helping you move. Local moving services train their employees how to handle such things so that injury and damage are less likely.

Use clear plastic totes: Even the best packing and labeling system can leave you confused about exactly what is in which box. If you simply put everything into cardboard boxes, you could find yourself having to eat fast food for a few days until you can locate your pots & pans or being unable to bathe because you can't find your towels and other bathing accessories. Get a couple of clear plastic totes and fill them with the most important things that you'll need in the first 48 hours or so after your move. Instead of having the local moving services handle these totes, put them in your car. Once your move is complete, you'll be able to instantly find these important things and you can focus on unpacking at a more leisurely pace.