2 Great Services Your Local Moving Company Might Offer

After you book that moving company to handle your upcoming relocation, you might feel a sense of relief knowing that you won't have to heft heavy tables and boxes into that moving truck. However, those movers might be able to do more for you than you think. Here are two great services your local moving company might offer, and why it might be worth it to upgrade your service:

1: Furniture Disassembly

Sure, you might figure that you will have time on your moving day to take apart that giant hutch, but what if you run out of time? If there isn't room in the truck, you might find yourself asking your neighbors if they want an extra china cabinet. Fortunately, some moving companies offer furniture disassembly, so that you can take your carefully collected belongings along for the ride. Here are a few reasons professional furniture disassembly might be a good idea:

  • Knowledge of Furniture Construction: Are you sure that you know how to take apart that complicated piece of furniture? If you guess wrong or lose those screws, it might be impossible to reassemble that item when you arrive at your new home. However, professionals who disassemble furniture everyday understand furniture construction, so that the process is fast, safe, and correct.
  • More Efficient Truck Packing: When you leave the furniture disassembly to the professionals, they might be able to pack the truck more efficiently. For example, your movers might decide to take apart all of your tables at the same time, so that they can stash those tabletops together in the back.   
  • Proper Equipment: If you don't have the right Allen wrench handy, you might be tempted to try to take apart that crib with a set of pliers or a flat head screwdriver. Unfortunately, using the wrong tools might damage screws, which could make it impossible to reassemble later. However, professional movers will have access to common furniture assembly tools, so that they don't inflict damage. 

To get an accurate bid for your furniture disassembly job, make sure that you compile a complete list of your home's inventory. For example, count the number of beds, dressers, and tables that movers should expect to take apart. When movers have an accurate idea of the workload, they might be able to give you a more realistic moving timetable.

2: Electronics Transport And Set-Up

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to sort out cables and reconfigure remote controls after you move. Fortunately, some professional moving companies also offer electronics delivery and set up, so that you don't have to stress about missing your favorite shows. Here are a few great reasons to let the professionals pack, transport, and set up your electronics:

  • Safer Moving Boxes: Those free produce boxes might work for those sofa pillows, but they might not be right for your flat screen television or DVR. Static electricity can build as people trek across carpets or slide boxes into the back of moving trucks, and then discharge inside your device—damaging delicate circuitry. However, professional movers will use boxes specifically designed to protect your electronics. These boxes typically have anti-static bags or liners design from keep static from building, so that your favorite electronics stay safe.  
  • Less Collateral Damage: If you plan to store your belongings while you look for a new place, movers can help you to avoid collateral damage due to impact, battery corrosion, and tangled cables.

If you are worried about movers getting that electronics configuration right after they set things back up, you shouldn't be. Movers will carefully document existing wiring conditions and device settings before they take things apart, so that everything is identical after the move.

By taking advantage of all of the services your movers offer, you might be able to streamline your move, prevent damage, and enjoy the process.