4 Things You Can Do To Make Moving With Your Dog Less Stressful For Everyone Involved

Excessive barking, bathroom accidents inside the house, and even irritability toward human family members can arise due to the stress your dog feels during your big move. And these unbecoming behaviors can quickly add to the stress your family will undoubtedly face throughout the process of your move. So minimizing your dog's stress helps to create a more balanced atmosphere for everyone involved to enjoy overall. Here are four stress reducing techniques to consider implementing for your pooch's well-being:

Buy a Collapsible Kennel

The best way to make sure that you are prepared for just about anything that happens before, during, and after your move is to invest in a metal collapsible kennel for your dog. These kennels can be folded up for storage under a couch or bed, and then quickly put together for use when the need arises. The kennel can come in useful when neighbors come over unexpectedly for a farewell conversation, or when the cable company comes over to pick up their equipment. Put a favorite blanket and toy in the kennel to make the space feel safe and comfy while your dog is spending time in it.

Walk around the New Block

Acclimate your dog to the new surroundings it will be living in by going for a walk around the block of your new home a couple of times before the move, as well as visiting the local dog park to meet new friends in the area. If it's possible, get to know any neighbors that also have dogs so the pooches can become familiar with one another before becoming official neighbors, and so your dog can get used to the new people who will be in its life on a regular basis.

Color-Code the Dog Stuff

You'll want to have all of your dog's belongings close at hand throughout the process of your move so that you can tend to its needs quickly and stress-free, even when things are hectic at home. Keep the leash, dog dishes, and toys in color-coded boxes that stand out from the others in your home so you know exactly where to look when you need something that has been packed.

Color-coded boxes will help you find bedding, brushes, and food quickly once you get to your new home, so the dog can get taken care of and tucked away their kennel while you get things organized for the rest of the family's comfortable acclimation to the new home.

Designate a Safe Room

When you start packing things up in your home and furniture starts to get moved around, the changes may confuse your dog and stress it out because they can't understand why their surroundings are so suddenly different. To minimize confusion and stress, choose a small room in your home that doesn't need a lot of packing (like a bathroom or large closet) to use as a safe space for your pooch. Put a bed and other familiar things in the space and let your dog hang out there while you move things around in the rest of the house, or when doors to the outside world need to stay opened for any length of time to move things. This will minimize the chance of your dog running away out of fear and give them a comforting place to relax when you don't have time to supervise every move that is made. The space can also be used on moving day when the movers are walking in and out to take things outside to the truck.  

These tips and tricks should help your dog feel more comfortable with the big changes that are happening, and help to make your movers feel safe and secure while they work. For more tips, contact a local moving company