Moving Items To Your Self-Storage Unit Easily: 3 Tips On How To Use A Moving Dolly Safely

When relocating heavy furniture and appliances to your self-storage unit, the strain of lifting the weight can result in muscular injuries. It's easy to overestimate your abilities. Using a moving dolly can help alleviate some of that weight and make the moving process a lot simpler and easier. A standard moving dolly can carry up to 500 lbs, and a furniture dolly can carry up to 1,000 lbs. When using a moving dolly, you still need to be cautious. Here are 3 tips you should implement for safety reasons.

Always Enlist for Assistance

The average weight of a dishwasher is approximately 150 lbs, and the average weight of a sofa bed is approximately 350 lbs. Don't overestimate your abilities and attempt to move heavy appliances and furniture by yourself, because there's a good chance you'll end up injuring yourself instead. Always enlist assistance when you're going to be using a moving dolly because one wrong move and the furniture or appliance you're moving could slip and end up toppling over onto you. If you feel your back becoming strained when lifting heavy furniture and appliances, stop immediately and recruit additional help.

Slow Down When Encountering Bumps

When making a turn or when going over a doorway ledge or a sidewalk crack, make sure you do it as slowly as possible. The momentum of going over a bump quickly could send the item you're moving flying, which can result in damages or injuries. When going over a bump, roll the dolly slowly and make sure you keep both hands on the item to stabilize it. Since your hands will be busy, push the dolly over the bump with your foot.

If there are large bumps, some movers recommend using a ramp or other moving equipment that will make going over the bump a lot easier and smoother. You want to be as gentle as possible and avoid pushing the dolly abruptly or roughly, because this may cause the item being moved to fall over.

Keep the Floor Clean and Clear of Debris and Dust

There is nothing more dangerous than moving heavy furniture and appliances on unclean and cluttered floors. Clear all aisles and clean the floors beforehand, making sure they're fully dry before you attempt anything. It's really easy to slip on wet floor, and it's hard to control the moving dolly at the same time.

Before you attempt the move, you should go over the route you plan on taking with the dolly to see if there are any problems you may encounter during the move. Take a good look at the floors to determine if they are even. Nail down any improperly aligned planks that are sticking up. If there are cracks on the floor, you should consider placing a rug overtop the area to reduce the effects of uneven flooring.

On the same note, make sure you keep young children and pets occupied all the time, so they are out of harm's way and so they don't end up becoming a safety hazard. It's best to keep them in another room with snacks or treats and familiar items and toys to reduce stress.


Using a moving dolly to move some of the heavier items to your self-storage unit can make your life a lot easier and can help you avoid straining or spraining a muscle. Don't use a moving dolly to move heavy furniture and appliances up and down stairs. While a dolly can be useful, it's best to delegate some of the more complicated and complex tasks to professional movers with adequate experience and moving tools. It's not worth risking an injury. 

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